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Mission: disseminating the culture of global security, conflict prevention, peace building and environmental safeguard promoting intercultural dialogue and human rights protection and by enhancing the awareness on the Earth's ecological issues.

Europa 2010 is an independent, non-profit organization established in 2004. It is composed of academic experts specialized in the above-mentioned topics and carries out its mission through research, study and advanced vocational training. Such activities are addressed to young Italian and foreign students as well as to professionals, militaries, public and private employees willing to enhance and broaden their knowledge and professional skills.

Every year scholarships are granted to foreign students coming from underdeveloped countries, especially Africa, permitting them to attend the Advanced Vocational Training planned within the International Institute for Training, Security and Peace in the World.

Over the years the foreign students have profitably applied the skills acquired during the training, especially regarding conflict prevention, conflict mediation, protection of human rights and environmental sustainability, in their home countries.

Europa 2010 organizes stages for young graduated. The stages aim at improving their knowledge of the issues dealt with and give them the tools to play an active role in the peace building process, development, in the creation of democracy, in the dialogue among different religions and within the multicultural society, both in Italy and abroad.

International Institute for Training, Security and Peace in the World

Europa 2010, in partnership with Pontificia Facoltà Teologica San Bonaventura, has created the "International Institute for Training, Security and Peace in the World" for the designing and organization of Master Degrees and Advanced Vocational Trainings in:

- Peace Building Management-to create peace in the world

- Ethics, Sustainability and Environmental Security

- Philosophical Anthropology, Criminology and Advanced Investigative Techniques

- International Human Rights law and Human Rights Protection

Since 2004 young graduated, professionals, members of public administrations, international co-operators, pastoral operators, members of the Armed Forces and Police Forces have being attending in our training courses.

Master Universitario di II LivelloMaster in "Peace Building Management-per costruire la pace nel mondo" - A. A. 2018-2019
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Member of United Nations Academic Impact of New York